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29-Nov-2015 HKIES - Surveyor Cup 2015
24-Nov-2015 News of HKIES PPS Training Course- Reported by HKET
24-Nov-2015 News of HKIES PPS Training Course- Reported by ONTV
24-Nov-2015 News of HKIES PPS Training Course- Reported by OrientalDaily
17-Jun-2015 HKIES CPD - Survey by UAV
29-May-2015 HKIES AGM 2015
27-Mar-2015 HKIES Donation to LSGI
18-Nov-2014 Surveyor Day 2014
23-Oct-2014 HKIES - Modern Role of Land/Engineering Surveyor in Tunnel Construction
26-Sep-2014 Social Event - 2014 Wine Tasting Rendezvous
2-Sep-2014 HKIES interviewed with LSGI
14&15-Aug-2014 粵港地區-低空攝影測量與相關應用技術研討會報告
23-Jul-2014 Visit to Australian Institute of Building (AIB) (Hong Kong Chapter)
May-2014 HKIES Chairman Notice
3-Jan-2014 HKIES Social Function - Lawn Bowls Sport
11-Jun-2013 2013-2014 HKIES Council Dinner
9&10-Dec-2012 SOUTH Surveying & Mapping Instrument CO. LTD. visit CPD Report
9-Jul-2012 第一次指導委員會會議 Reaching Out Report
24-May-2012 HKIES AGM Dinner 2012 (Part 2)
24-May-2012 HKIES AGM Dinner 2012 (Part 1)
10-Mar-2012 Legislative Council Meeting for Enhancing Land Supply Strategy Reclamation Outside Victoria Harbour and Road Cavern Development
17-Nov-2011 Surveyor Day 2011
29-Oct-2011 Leather Workshop DIY - Leatherism
24-Oct-2011 CPD: New Generation Photogrammetry-Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
26-May-2011 HKIES AGM Dinner 2011
18-Nov-2010 Surveyor Day 2010
29-Oct-2010 To tune high-quality audio (Hi-Fi) by applying surveying technique
24-Sep-2010 CPD: Environment Change Conscious in Feng Shui (Report in Chinese version)
27-May-2010 HKIES AGM Dinner 2010
Jan-2010 香港浙江周開幕式
3-Dec-09 Automatic Deformation Monitoring System Trend in Civil Projects
30-Nov-09 BIM: High Performance Building Design and Delivery
22-Oct-09 Modern wireless positioning techniques and their integration with GNSS
22-May-09 Automated Tunnel Deformation and Building Monitoring System in Singapore
14-May-09 HKIES 14th AGM and Annual Dinner
19-Apr-09 Technical demonstration of latest survey instrument and BBQ gathering with group programmes
24-Mar-09 香港中華廠商聯合會專業人士小組交流午宴
28-Feb-09 Infrastructure Solution: Enhance Infrastructure projects through Geospatial Information System (GIS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
15-Feb-09 HKIES Walk for Millions
26 to 28-Dec-08 HKIES Survey Camp 2008
28-Nov-08 Surveyor Day 2008
11-Nov-08 Meeting with Principal Assistant Secretary of Education Bureau, HKSAR
12-Aug-08 Trend of the Industries (Architectural, Surveying and Planning)
16-Jul-08 Construction Project Progress Monitoring with Geographic Information System
21-Jun-08 Technical Visit to Macau-Venetian Cotai P5 & 6
1 to 4-Jun-08 Sichuan Earthquake Relieving Works
30-May-08 HKIES 13th AGM and Annual Dinner
23-May-08 Social Function: 肥胖與體重管理
9-Apr-08 Manage, Find & Share - Connecting People and Information across the Construction Teams
11-Jan-08 Engineering Surveying Technology and Equipment Exhibition (ESTEE)
20-Nov-07 Practical Approach in Preparing Extensions of Time Claims
16-Nov-07 Recent High Court Case in Occupational Safety
30-Aug-07 Construction Information Modeling for Surveyors
21-Jul-07 工程測繪技術交流會
31-May-07 HKIES 12th AGM and Annual Dinner
22-April-07 Laser scanning for Protection of Historical Relics in China
2-April-07 Social Function : BBQ
5-Dec-06 Application of Aerial Photogrammetry in HK construction project
25-Oct-06 Tales of Two Cities --- differences between Hong Kong and Macau, in Safety Regulations and Labor Insurance
22-Sep-06 建築與堪輿 - 突破道與術之困擾
17-Aug-06 Briefing Section on “Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Pro Customized Training for Professional Surveyor”
18-Jul-06 A Need of the Personal Enhancement in this Knowledge-based Society
24-Jun-06 Project Technical Visit to Penny's Bay Reclamation Stage 2
20-Jun-06 The Role of Engineering Surveyors in Construction
25-May-06 HKIES 11th AGM and Annual Dinner
8-Apr-06 Visit the Satellite Remote Sensing Receiving Station in The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
30-Mar-06 Satellite Imagery Data Application in Hong Kong
15-Feb-06 CADD forum: "Engineering Facilities Information System - KCRC"
3-Nov-05 How to streamline the Surveying, Engineering and Construction workflow using Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional
28-Jun-05 Digital Photogrammetry by Non-Metric Camera and Automatic Image Correlation Technique
9-Jun-05 Demarcate the course of Dragon Boat Campaign
18-May-05 Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Methodology in Tunnel Construction
24 to 29-Mar-05 Technical visit to Yunnan
12-Mar-05 Technical Site Visit to Route 8 --- Ngong Shuen Chau Viaduct (NSCV)
26-Jan-05 Hydrographic Surveying and Mapping Techniques for Coastal Construction Projects
10-Nov-04 Integrated Data Management System (IDMS) for all underground utilities
29-30 Oct 04 Visit to Macau Cartography and Cadastre Bureau
30 Apr 04 Motivation of Survey Employees in Construction Projects
26 Mar 04 Digital Survey, Design and Construction
Aug 2003 CCD Total Station – SET3110MV
Jun 2003 HKIES - The 8th AGM and Annual Dinner
Nov 2002 Visiting Group of Hong Kong Engineering Surveyors to Macau
Sep 2002 ADMS
Jun 2002 AGM 2002
May 2002 CAD Forum for Surveyors
Apr 2002 Visiting Group of Hong Kong Engineering Surveyors to Yunnan
Mar 2002 Tunnel Surveying Technology
Apr 2002 Beijing - Hong Kong - Macau Geomatics Conference