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10-13/12/2017: [HKIES SUPPORT]International Symposium on GNSS
05/12/2017: [HKIES SUPPORT]Technical Seminar on New Development of Refrigerant & Refrigeration Safety Management
01/12/2017: [HKIES EVENT]Surveyor Day 2017
26/10/2017: [HKIES CPD]Spatial Data Infrastructure - bread and butter of us?
30/09/2017: [HKIES Support]HKICM: Safety Visit to District Cooling System(DCS) in Kai Tak Development
28/09/2017: [HKIES Support]ABSOMES: Technical Talk on Minor Works Control System
28/09/2017: [HKIES Support]ASHRAE: Technical Seminar on Ventilation-from Neighbourhood to Indoors
26/09/2017: [HKIES]DBS: Property and Infrastructure Market in Hong Kong and China Outlook - Risk and Opportunities in 2017 Market
18/09/2017: [HKIES Support]HKICM: Structural Sealant Glazing Aspect and New Technology and Solution
30/08/2017: [HKIES]New 3D Surveying by UAS, Photogrammetry and LIDAR Scanning
15/07/2017: [HKIES Support]MTR Academy CPD Course
06/2017 to 07/2017: [HKIES]Workshops of Engineering Surveying
14/07/2017: [HKIES Support]HKCAC: Keeping adequate site records with drones
30/06/2017: [HKIES Support]HKCAC: Mediation-common hiccups & barriers
19/06/2017: [HKIES Support]Land Resumption Law Intensive Course
09/06/2017: [HKIES Support]ASCE: BIM and GIS: New Opportunities and Challenges for Civil Engineers
26/05/2017: [HKIES]AGM & Annual Dinner 2017
25/04/2017: [HKIES CPD]Site Inspection by UAV and Photogrammetry
11/04/2017: [HKIES Support]SRSO Safty CPD: Common Musculoskeletal Disorder in Construction Field
29/03/2017 to 30/03/2017: [HKIES Support]HKIUS: The 5th ICUMAS 2017
02/03/2017: [HKIES & RICS]Direct Progression Arrangement among HKIES and RICS
09/02/2017: [HKIES CPD]The New Experience Learning of Hong Kong Heritage
16/01/2017: [HKIES Support]AIB: Water Treatment in Rural Area
02/01/2017: [HKIES Social Event]Surveyor Cup 2016/2017
[HKIES Announcement] Membership Reinstatement
10/12/2016: [HKIES Support]RICS: Hong Kong Geomatics Conference 2016 -Spatial Data for Construction
08/12/2016: [HKIES CPD]Histories and Stories on Old Hong Kong Maps - Sr. Alan Cheung's Collection
02/12/2016: [HKIES]Surveyor Day 2016:Step Forward
23 to 25/11/2016: The 8th Cross-Strait Geomatics Conference
15/11/2016: [HKIES Announcement]Collaboration with RICS
15/11/2016: [HKIES CPD]Direct Progression Arrangement among HKIES and RICS
11/11/2016 to 30/12/2016: [HKIES Support]ISHP: Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction(MBSR) for the Health of Construction Practitioners
3/11/2016: [HKIES CPD]Creating a Smarter Future Using GIS
25/10/2016: [HKIES Support]AIOB: 4 hours Fire Rated Period Shutter
06/10/2016: [HKIES Support]RICS: Security of Payment Legislation
27/09/2016: [HKIES Support]SRS: Special Site Reality for Construction Works and How it Related to Safety
20/09/2016: [HKIES Support]AIB: Too detail to survey!? UAV, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing for building projects
31/08/2016: [HKIES Support]HKISA:Common Musculoskeletal Disorder in Construction Field and Medical Claim Process
25/08/2016: [HKIES Support]RICS:Fly beyond the limit-the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the future
24/08/2016: [HKIES Support]ICWCI CPD:The latest Mobile Technology Innovation for Quality Assurance, Safety and Inspections
06/07/2016: [HKIES Support]AIB & HKICW CPD: Trends and challenges in the use of Construction Technology since 1990s, the HK Cases
26/06/2016: [HKIES CPD]UAV Experience Workshop
17/06/2016 to 29/07/2016: [HKIES]Professional Photogrammetry Standard (PPS) Training Course (2nd Intake)
07/06/2016: [HKIES Support]AES CPD: Legal Seminar for Construction Practitioners
27/05/2016: HKIES AGM Annual Dinner 2016
26-27/05/2016: [HKIES Support]the Lighthouse Club 30th Anniversary International Construction Conference: Caring Construction, Collaborative Contracting, Continuing Professional Development
18/05/2016: "Belt and Road" Summit
04/05/2016 to 05/05/2016: Build4Asia Conference 2016
16/03/2016: AIB & AIOB CPD : A brief review of the evolution of construction technology and practices of Hong Kong from 1950s up till present
29/01/2016: HKICW & AIB CPD :Contract Law & How to Resolve Contractual Disputes
16/01/2016: HKCAC CPD :Cross-discipline Seminar- Security of Payment Legislation and Adjudication
13/01/2016: HKIES CPD :TO BE OR NOT TO BE - From Land and Engineering Surveying to BIM
08/01/2016: RICS - The Asia Construction Conference 2016
14/12/2015: Announcement: HKIES Membership Fee Increase
01/12/2015 to 05/01/2016: Professional Photogrammetry Standard (PPS) Training Course

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29/11/2015: Social Event - Surveyor Cup 2015 (Sevens Football Match)
28/11/2015: RICS HK Geomatics Conference 2015 - Modelling the City
20/11/2015: Surveyor Day 2015
5-7/11/2015: 第九届京港澳测绘地理信息技术交流会
16/9/2015: HKIES CPD - Case Sharing: Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Project - How to Performs Underground Surveying (165m Below Ground Level)
15/8/2015: HKIES Social Function - Squid Fishing 2015
5/8/2015: HKIES CPD - How would Engineering Surveyor act as Expert Witness?
17/6/2015: HKIES CPD - Survey by UAV
29/5/2015: HKIES Annual General Meeting 2015
30/4/2015: CPD Function - 3D Laser Scanning Case Sharing
19/3/2015: CPD Function - Power of 3D Visualization
28/1/2015: CPD Function - Immersed Tube Tunnel Projects
19/12/2014: CPD Function - Sharp tools make good work -Applying Laser Scanning to BIM
18/11/2014: Surveyor Day 2014
23/10/2014: CPD Function - Modern Role of Land /Engineering Surveyor in Tunnel Construction
26/9/2014: SDI Conference 2014 - Are You Ready Become BIMmer?
26/9/2014: Social Event - 2014 Wine Tasting Rendezvous
22/9/2014: AIB CPD Seminar - Drill and Blast Tunnel In Hong Kong
8/8/2014: [廣東省測繪學會]低空攝影測量與相關應用技術
10/7/2014: GEOMATICS WORLD (JULY/AUGUST 2014) is now released!
30/5/2014: HKIES AGM & Annual Dinner 2014
29/5/2014: The 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics Symposium -Geomatics Education and Research: Challenges and Opportunities
29/5/2014: The 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
19/5/2014: CPD Function - Development in Mobile Mapping Solutions (MMS)
26/2/2014: CPD - Know more about Contract Specification
15/2/2014: CPD - Technical Visit to Leica Geosystems Ltd. Maintenance and Calibration Service Centre
15/1/2014: CPD - Challenge in Foundation Removal for Rail Project
1/1/2014: HKCAC 2014 Spring Program supported by HKIA,HKIES,CCPDC
3/1/2014: Social Function - Lawn Bowl
21-23/11/2013: 第七屆海峽兩岸測繪發展研討會流程及報名表格
29/11/2013: Surveyor Day 2013 is Coming Soon!!
29/11/2013: CIC Conference 2013 "Construction Innovation: Productivity and Technology"
21-23/11/2013: 第七屆海峽兩岸測繪發展研討會
24/09/2013: CPD Function - Know more BeiDou
18-20/09/2013: FIG Pacific Small Island Developing States Symposium
16-21/6/2014: FIG Congress 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - CALL FOR PAPERS
21-23/11/2013: 第七屆海峽兩岸測繪發展研討會贊助及參展回條
21-23/11/2013: 第七屆海峽兩岸測繪發展研討會 - 第一號通告 徵文通知
9/8/2013: CPD Events - Spatial Data Infrastructure 2013 Conference - Building Information Modeling
17/7/2013: HKIES Social Function - Baby Massage [Cancelled]
6/7/2013: COPA CPD Talk: Standard Working Hours
11/6/2013: COPA CPD Talk: Brand Management with Herbal Tea Cultural Value
29/5/2013: HKIES Annual General Meeting 2013
23-24/5/2013: The 8th Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Geomatics Conference
10/5/2013: COPA Member Kleaners VIP card - New China Laundry Limited special discount on laundry Services
20/4/2013: COPA CPD - A Report on NPC & CPPCC Sessions 2013
19/4/2013(Before): Nomination for election 2013-2014 council committee
5-6/4/2013: HKIES Social Function - Surveyors' Golf Day
9/1/2013: CPD - BIM - The New Paradigm for Civil Infrastructure
22/11/2012: Surveyor Day 2012 is COMING SOON!!
2/11/2012: Second Announcement 8th Annual Seminar on Spatial Information Science and Technology (ASSIST 2012)
29-31/5/2013: UDMS 2013 - 29th Urban Data Management Symposium (2nd call for papers)
9-10/11/2012: CPD - Two days Technical visit of Track Geometry Measurement - Operation Demonstration

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31/10/2012: CPD - Case Sharing of Laser Plummet

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23/9/2012 HKIES Social Activity - Geo-Park One Day Trip
14/7/2012: COPA CPD - Minimum Wage and Standard Work Hours
12/7/2012: CPD - Application of Track Geometry Measurement in China's High-speed Railway Infrastructure Project
2/6/2012: CPD - Technical Visit to West Island Line (WIL) Contract 704 & 705
26/5/2012: COPA CPD - Creating Customers Delights: The Road To Business Success
21/4/2012: CPD - A Report on NPC: Retrospect and Prospect of Chinese Economy
19/4/2012: CPD - Application of Tunnel 3D Laser Scan Technology in Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Project
23/3/2012: CPD - Public Forum on the Enhancing Land Supply Strategy
24/5/2012: HKIES AGM and Annual Dinner 2012
22/3/2012: CPD - Technical Visit to Express Rail Link (XRL) Contract 820
10/2/2012: PolyU LSGI Seminar Series 2 - Integration of Chang'E-1 Imagery and Laser Altimeter Data for Precision Lunar Topographic Modeling
14/1/2012: CPD - Feng Shui and Property Management
1/1/2012: Dell Computer Promotion 2012
17/11/2011: HKIES Surveyor Day 2011
24/10/2011: CPD - New Generation Photogrammetry - Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
26/08/2011: CPD - Photogrammetric solutions for today's challenges in digital photogrammetric
30/05/2011: Workshop of Surveyors in Large-scale Infrastructure Projects cum Career Development in Civil Engineering
26/05/2011: HKIES AGM & Annual Dinner 2011
20-24/04/2011: XiAn Exchange Trip 2011
24/03/2011: Engineering GIS: Deformation Management Portal
11/01/2011: CPD- Workshop on Surveyors in Large-scale Infrastructure Projects
18/11/2010: Surveyor Day 2010
06/11/2010: One Day Tour - Hong Kong Geopark
29/10/2010: To tune high-quality audio (Hi-Fi) by applying surveying technique
24/09/2010: Environment Change Conscious in Feng Shui
14/10/2010: 第六屆海峽兩岸測繪發展研討會
27/05/2010: AGM 2010 and Annual Dinner
14/05/2010: CPD Function: Photogrammetric solutions for today's challenges in digital photogrammetry
15/05/2010: COPA Event: "Change Maker" Seminar
23/04/2010: CPD: Lunar Mapping Techniques
03/12/2009: CPD Function: Automatic Deformation Monitoring System Trend in Civil Projects
30/11/2009: CPD Function: BIM- High Performance Building Design and Delivery
05/11/2009: The Surveyor Day 2009
23/10/2009: FCLU Public Seminar on "Engineering and Construction Requirements for Trenchless Technology Methods"
22/10/2009: Modern wireless positioning techniques and their integration with GNSS
08/09/2009: FCLU Public Seminar "Time-Variable Gravity: An Old and New Tool for Remote Sensing of Global Changes"
29/07/2009: Call for Papers - Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Survey Technology Exchanging Conference
22/05/2009: Automated Tunnel Deformation & Building Monitoring System in Singapore
14/05/2009: HKIES 14th AGM and Annual Dinner
19/04/2009: Technical demonstration of latest survey instrument and BBQ gathering with group programmes
1-4/03/2009: The First International Conference on Utility Management and Safety
28/02/2009: Infrastructure Solution: Enhance Infrastructure projects through Geospatial Information System (GIS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
15/02/2009: HKIES Walk for Millions
28/11/2008: Surveyor Day 2008